I am Shawn. Mayor of all sharks.
Pokémon breeder extraordinaire.
Always embarrassed. Welcome.

I still want to do some work on my theme, I swear.

I love my friends. They all genuinely love everything about me that I don’t. And I want them to know that they are so important. They are such important people to me and to the world. They are all beautiful people and I want them to have everything because they deserve everything. Keep moving forward, you beautiful people.

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can we just take a second to realize that there are 14 year olds that weren’t born in the 90’s. just fucking let that sink in.

what the fuck does he want now



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taquito mask and sailor macaroon


taquito mask and sailor macaroon

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Anonymous asked:
"pokemon is a game for children, league of legends is so much better than pokemon :)"